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Dogs and Cats are very similar to human in that they need regular teeth cleaning. This would include using a toothbrush and toothpaste that is made especially for them. This will ensure that the level of plaque (bacteria build up) and tartar (calcium salts build up and form a calculus) are reduced. It is not always an easy task to brush the teeth of your pet especially if s/he didn’t get used to it early in life. In these situations, a dental food formula might be a suitable alternative that helps to maintain healthy teeth.

As to those pets with moderate to marked plaque and tartar, usually the owner can notice unpleasant smell of the mouth, colored staining of the front teeth, calculus on the cheek teeth, or rotten/ loose teeth. Not only that but with some disease conditions that affect the teeth especially in cats, the pet will stop eating

At Saint Mary Animal Hospital, We conduct the Dental Clinic all weekdays to help diagnose, treat and educate about your Pet Dental Health

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