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Fleas and Ticks, are summer and fall unwanted visitors. The Infestation season (Nova Scotia) usually starts around the month of April continues through summer and fall and may extend to the end of the year. One flea can lay up to 2000 eggs in its lifetime. And a flea can bite your pet up to 400 times per day.

They transmit different diseases to dogs and cats (lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, feline infectious anemia, Cytauxzoonosis, etc..). Also, Fleas and Ticks can directly cause flea allergy, anemia, and tick paralysis with consequent possible death.

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We do understand how costly, inconvenient and time consuming getting rid of fleas/ ticks in a multiple pet household can be. We do carry a variety of products that meet owner's expectations.

At saint Mary animal hospital, we conduct the Flea and Tick Clinic all week days. stop-by today to find a solution to prevent and treat flea and tick infestation